Academic Offerings at the University of Idaho

Programs offered by the university are shown in the list below. After a student has completed the requirements for a degree, the degree name and, if not already a part of the degree name, the major curriculum as shown in this list are printed on the student's diploma. Options listed under some curricula are areas of concentration within the major. Options, emphases, academic minors, and academic certificates are recorded only on the student's final transcript.

Program Associate Bachelor Master Education Specialist Doctoral Academic Minor Academic Certificate Offered Online
Accountancy M.Acct.
Accounting B.S.Bus. Minor
Addictions Minor
Adult Organizational Learning and Leadership M.S. M.S.
Advertising B.A. B.S. Minor
Aerospace Studies Minor
Africana Studies Minor
Aging Studies Minor
Agribusiness Minor
Agricultural Commodity Risk Management Minor Certificate
Agricultural Communications and Leadership Minor
Agricultural Economics B.S.Ag.Econ.
Agricultural Education B.S.Ag.Ed. M.S.
Agricultural Extension Education Minor
Agricultural Science, Communication and Leadership B.S.Ag.L.S.
Agricultural Systems Management B.S.S.W.S. Minor
American Indian Studies Minor
Animal Physiology Ph.D.
Animal Science M.S. Minor
Animal and Veterinary Science B.S.A.V.S.
Anthropology B.A. B.S. M.A. Minor
Apparel, Textiles and Design B.S. Minor
Applied Economics M.S.
Applied Finance Certificate Certificate
Applied Music B.A. B.S.
Aquaculture Minor
Archaeological Technician Certificate
Architecture B.S.Arch. M.Arch. Minor
Art B.A. M.F.A. Minor
Asian Studies Minor
Athletic Leadership Certificate
Athletic Training M.S.A.T. D.A.T.
Biochemistry B.S.Biochem. Minor
Bioethics Minor
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology M.S. Ph.D. Certificate
Biological Engineering B.S. M.Engr. M.S. Ph.D.
Biology B.A. B.S. Ph.D. Minor
Biotechnology and Plant Genomics B.S.Pl.Sc. Minor
Broadcasting and Digital Media B.A. B.S. Minor
Business Minor
Business Administration B.B.A B.B.A.
Business Analytics Minor Certificate
Business Economics B.S.Bus
Business Leadership Certificate Certificate
Career and Technical Education B.S.Ed.
Chemical Engineering B.S.Ch.E M.Engr. M.S. Ph.D.
Chemistry B.S. M.S. Ph.D. Minor
Child Development B.S.
Civil Engineering B.S.C.E. M.Engr. M.S. Ph.D. M.Engr.
Climate Change Certificate
Climate Change and Solutions B.S.
Communication B.A. B.S. Minor B.A. B.S.
Comparative/International Politics Minor
Computer Engineering B.S.Comp.E. M.Engr. M.S. M.Engr. M.S.
Computer Science B.S.C.S. M.S. Ph.D. Minor M.S.
Conservation Biology B.S.
Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate Certificate
Creative Writing M.F.A. Minor
Criminology B.S. B.S.
Critical Infrastructure Resilience Certificate
Crop Management Minor
Crop Science Minor
Crop Science and Management B.S.Pl.Sc.
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Universal Design Certificate
Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed. Ed.S. M.Ed. Ed.S.
Cybersecurity B.S. M.S. Minor Certificate M.S.
Dance B.S.Dan. Minor
Data Science Certificate
Dietetics M.S.
Dual Credit Instructor Certificate Certificate
Early Childhood Education B.S.
Earth and Spatial Sciences B.S.
Ecology Minor
Ecology and Ecosystem Science B.S.
Economics B.A. B.S. Minor
Education Ed.D. Ph.D.
Educational Leadership M.Ed. Ed.S.Ed.Ldrshp. M.Ed. Ed.S.Ed.Ldrshp.
Electrical Engineering B.S.E.E. M.Engr. M.S. Ph.D. M.Engr. M.S.
Elementary Education B.S.Ed.
Emergency Planning and Management Certificate
Engineering Management M.Engr. M.Engr.
English B.A. B.S. M.A. Minor B.S.
Enterprise Systems Integration Certificate Certificate
Entomology B.S.Ag.L.S. M.S. Ph.D. Minor
Entrepreneurship Minor Certificate
Environmental Communication Minor
Environmental Design B.S.E.D.
Environmental Education and Science Communication Certificate
Environmental Hydrogeology Certificate
Environmental Science B.S.Env.S. M.S. Ph.D.
Environmental Soil Science B.S.S.W.S.
Equity and Justice Certificate Certificate
Exercise, Sport and Health Sciences B.S.
Experimental Psychology Ph.D.
Family and Consumer Sciences B.S. M.S.
Film and Television Production Minor
Film and Television B.A. B.S.
Finance B.S.Bus.
Fire Ecology and Management B.S.Fire.Ecol.Mgmt. Minor
Fire Ecology, Management and Technology Certificate Certificate
Fire Safety Certificate
Fisheries Science B.S. Minor
Food and Nutrition B.S.
Food Science B.S.F.S. M.S. Ph.D. Minor
Forest and Sustainable Products B.S.
Forest Nursery Management and Technology A.S.
Forest Operations Minor
Forest Operations and Technology A.S.
Forest Resources Minor
Forestry B.S.Forestry
French B.A. Minor
General Management M.B.A.
General Studies A.A./A.S. B.G.S. B.G.S. A.A./A.S.
Geographic Information Systems B.S. M.S. Certificate M.S. Certificate
Geography M.S. Ph.D. Minor M.S.
Geological Engineering M.S. M.S.
Geological and Mining Engineering Minor
Geology B.S. M.S. Ph.D. Minor
German Minor
Global Disease Ecology B.S.
Groundwater Hydrology M.S. Minor
History B.A. B.S. M.A. Ph.D. Minor B.A. B.S.
Horticulture Minor
Horticulture and Urban Agriculture B.S.Pl.Sc.
Human and Community Engagement Minor Minor
Human Development and Family Studies B.S.
Human Resource Development Certificate
Human Safety Performance Certificate
Industrial Technology B.S.Tech.
Integrated Architecture and Design M.S.
Interdisciplinary Science and Technology P.S.M. P.S.M.
Interdisciplinary Studies (Graduate Level) M.A. M.S.
Interdisciplinary Studies (Undergraduate Level) B.A. B.S.
Interior Architecture and Design B.I.A.D. Minor
International Agriculture Minor
International Business Minor
International Studies B.A. Minor
Jazz Studies Minor
Journalism B.A. B.S. Minor
Landscape Architecture M.L.A Minor
Latin American Studies B.A.
Law J.D.
Management and Human Resources B.S.Bus. B.S.Bus.
Management Information Systems B.S.Bus.
Marketing B.S.Bus. Minor B.S.Bus.
Mathematics B.S. M.A.T. M.S. Ph.D. Minor M.A.T. Minor
Mechanical Engineering B.S.M.E. M.Engr. M.S. Ph.D. Minor M.Engr.
Medical Education (WWAMI) M.D. M.S. Ph.D.
Medical Sciences B.S.
Microbiology B.S.Microbiol. Minor
Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry Ph.D.
Military Science Minor
Modern Language Business B.A.
Modern Language Study Certificate
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Minor
Movement and Leisure Sciences M.S.
Music M.A. M.Mus. Minor M.Mus.
Music Education B.Mus.
Music: Business B.Mus.
Music: Composition B.Mus.
Music: Performance B.Mus.
Musical Theatre Minor
Natural Resource Conservation Minor
Natural Resource Economics Minor
Natural Resources Enterprise Management B.S.
Natural Resource Management Certificate Certificate
Natural Resources M.N.R. M.S Ph.D. Minor M.N.R.
Natural Resources and Environmental Law Certificate
Naval Science Minor
Neuroscience M.S. Ph.D.
Nuclear Criticality Safety Certificate
Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel Management Certificate Certificate
Nuclear Engineering M.Engr. M.S. Ph.D.
Nuclear Safeguards and Security Certificate Certificate
Nuclear Technology Management Certificate Certificate
Nutrition Minor
Nutritional Sciences B.S. M.S. Ph.D. Minor
Operations and Supply Chain Management B.S. B.S.
Organizational Dynamics Certificate
Organizational Sciences B.S. B.S.
Outdoor Recreation Leadership Minor
Philosophy B.A. B.S. Minor
Philosophy, Politics and Economics Minor
Physical Education M.Ed. M.Ed.
Physics B.A. B.S. M.S. Ph.D. Minor
Plant Pathology M.S.
Plant Protection Minor
Plant Science M.S. Ph.D.
Political Science B.A. B.S. M.A. Ph.D. Minor
Power System Protection and Relaying Certificate Certificate
Pre-Health Professions Studies Minor
Precision Agriculture Certificate Certificate
Professional Applications of Data Science Certificate Certificate
Professional Writing Minor
Promotions and Digital Marketing Certificate Certificate
Psychology B.A. B.S. M.S. Minor B.A. B.S. M.S.
Public Administration M.P.A. M.P.A.
Public Relations B.A. B.S. Minor
Rangeland Ecology and Management B.S. Minor
Recreation, Sport, and Tourism Management B.S.Rec. B.S.Rec.
Religious Studies Minor
Remote Sensing of the Environment Certificate
Renewable Materials Minor
Restoration Ecology Certificate
Robotic Engineering Certificate
Robotics Systems Certificate
Sales Management Minor Certificate Certificate
Secondary Education B.S.Ed. M.A.T.
Secure and Dependable Computing Systems Certificate Certificate
Small Business Management Certificate Certificate
Social Media Management Certificate
Sociology B.A. B.S. Minor Minor
Soil and Land Resources M.S. Ph.D.
Soil Science Minor
Spanish B.A. Minor Minor
Special Education M.Ed. M.Ed.
Statistical Science M.S. M.S.
Statistics B.S. Minor Certificate Certificate
Studio Art and Design B.F.A.
Sustainable Food Systems B.S.Ag.L.S. Minor
Sustainable Tourism and Leisure Enterprises Minor
Teaching English as a Second Language Minor
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages M.A.
Technical Program Management Certificate Certificate
Technical Workforce Training Certificate
Technology Integration Specialist Certificate Certificate
Technology Management M.S. M.S.
Technical Writing Certificate Certificate
Theatre Arts B.A. B.F.A. B.S. M.F.A.
Theatre Design and Technology Minor
Theatre Performance Minor
Trading and Capital Management Certificate
Tribal Natural Resources Stewardship Certificate
Virtual Technologies Certificate
Virtual Technology and Design B.S.
Vocal-Instrumental Music Education Minor
Water Resources M.S. Ph.D.
Water Science and Management B.S.S.W.S. Minor
Wildland Fuel and Fire Technology A.S.
Wildlife Sciences B.S. Minor
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor