English (M.A.)

Master of Arts. Major in English.

Of the minimum of 33 credits required for the degree, at least 24 credits must be earned in the Department of English at the University of Idaho; included in the total credits required, 3 credits are to be taken in a theory course (which may include ENGL 506, ENGL 511, or a theory course approved by the department’s director of M.A. English) and 3 credits in pre-1900 literature. Course work for the M.A. in English is normally at the 500s level; however, up to six credits of work at the 400s level may be included, but only with the approval of the student's major professor and the department's director of graduate studies. Students are allowed to take 3 credits maximum in practica applying toward the degree.

Thesis and Non-Thesis Options:

The thesis option requires 27 credits of coursework and 6 thesis credits, leading to the submission of an acceptable thesis of 60 pages or more. See the College of Graduate Studies "Graduate Handbook for Theses and Dissertations."

The non-thesis option requires 30 credits of coursework and 3 research credits (ENGL 599). The student works with a faculty member to produce a revised seminar paper suitable to be submitted for publication, an abstract for the paper, a concise explanation of initial and additional research and revisions (3-5 pages), and a substantial annotated bibliography of work in the field.

For both the thesis and non-thesis options, each student will take an oral M.A. examination following completion of work submitted in acceptable form, as confirmed by the major professor. The oral examination will be designed to test the student's ability to defend his or her work articulately with respect to research methodology, critical perspective, and applicability to related work in the area.

Students and their major professors and committees will design their programs.

Theses or papers may address topics in literature and literary theory and criticism or composition and rhetorical theory.

Master of Arts. Major in Teaching English as a Second Language.

The M.A. in TESL is intended for students who are interested in learning to teach English as a second language at the post-secondary level. The students take courses in linguistics and in language teaching pedagogy. This curriculum provides them with theoretical background and practical training in the areas of second language acquisition.

Of the minimum of 33 credits required for the degree, at least 24 must be earned while enrolled in residence at UI, and at least 21 credits must be earned in courses numbered 500 and above. The 33 credits are to include the following courses (18 credits):

ENGL 513ESL Methods I: Basic Oral/Aural Skills3
ENGL 515ESL Teaching Practicum3
ENGL 517Introduction to Applied Linguistics3
ENGL 524Descriptive Linguistics3
ENGL 544Sociolinguistics3
ENGL 551Theories of Second/Additional Language Acquisition3
Total Hours18

The remaining 15 credits are to be taken in approved electives in the Department of English, which may include thesis credits.

The M.A. in TESL offers a thesis option. Students who choose to complete the thesis option will write a thesis which may be up to 6 credits of their required 33 credits. Students who do not elect to write a thesis must complete their non-thesis option in the form of a comprehensive examination.

Native speakers of English in the TESL program must complete or have completed two years of college work (or its equivalent) in a modern foreign language. They must have studied a foreign language for at least one semester (or equivalent) within the preceding five years. Non-native speakers of English are excused from this requirement.