English (M.A.)

Master of Arts. Major in English.

Of the minimum of 33 credits required for the degree, at least 24 credits must be earned in the Department of English at the University of Idaho. Course work for the M.A. in English is normally at the 500s level; however, up to six credits of work at the 400s level may be included, but only with the approval of the student's major professor and the department's director of graduate studies. Students are allowed to take 3 credits maximum in practica applying toward the degree.

Thesis and Non-Thesis Options:

Students in the M.A. have two options from which to choose.

The thesis option requires 27 credits of coursework and 6 thesis credits, leading to the submission of an acceptable thesis of 60 pages or more. See the College of Graduate Studies "Graduate Handbook for Thesis and Dissertation." 

The non-thesis (master's project) option requires 30 credits of coursework and 3 non-thesis credits (ENGL 599). The student works with a faculty member to produce a revised seminar paper suitable to be submitted for publication, an abstract for the paper, a concise explanation of initial and additional research and revisions (3-5 pages), and a substantial annotated bibliography of work in the field.

For the thesis and non-thesis options, each student will take an oral M.A. examination following completion of work submitted in acceptable form, as confirmed by the major professor. The oral examination will be designed to test the student's ability to defend their work articulately with respect to research methodology, critical perspective, and applicability to related work in the area. 

Students and their major professors will design their programs.

Master's projects may address topics in literature, literary theory, or rhetorical theory.

Please see the English graduate handbook for details and program requirements on earning the Master of Arts in English degree.