Environmental Science (Ph.D.)

Doctor of Philosophy. Major in Environmental Science.

Admission to the doctoral program is based on the compatibility of the student’s research interests with those of the major professor, the availability of research support, and the student’s academic record and potential. Applicants are expected to have the prerequisites as specified for the M.S. degree. The student develops a graduate program of at least 78 semester hours in consultation with his or her major professor and supervisory committee. The student is expected to actively participate in one or more seminar presentations during the course of his or her graduate career. Teaching experience is required and is obtained through participation in the program’s course offerings. Qualifying examinations are required for those students entering the Ph.D. program without a master’s degree. Preliminary examinations are required prior to admission to final candidacy for the degree. All candidates prepare a formal dissertation reflecting original thought and independent investigation and defend it during an oral presentation as a final step toward their degree. Publication in the peer-reviewed, scientific literature is expected. Contact the program office for specific program requirements and procedures.