Agricultural Systems Management (B.S.S.W.S.)

Required course work includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3) and:

Soil and Water Systems Core
ASM 315Irrigation Systems and Water Management3
AGED 406Exploring International Agriculture3
or SOC 350 Food, Culture, and Society
COMM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
ENGL 313Business Writing3
or ENGL 317 Technical Writing
GEOG 385GIS Primer3
MATH 143Pre-calculus Algebra and Analytic Geometry3
PLSC 102The Science of Plants in Agriculture3
or REM 221 Principles of Ecology
SOIL 205The Soil Ecosystem3
SOIL 206The Soil Ecosystem Lab1
SOIL 438Pesticides in the Environment3
STAT 251Statistical Methods3
Agricultural Systems Management Courses
ACCT 201Introduction to Financial Accounting3
ACCT 202Introduction to Managerial Accounting3
AGEC 278Farm and Agribusiness Management4
AGEC 289Agricultural Markets and Prices3
AGEC 356Agricultural and Rural Policy3
ASM 107Beginning Welding2
ASM 112Introduction to Agricultural Systems Management3
ASM 200Seminar1
ASM 202Agricultural Shop Practices2
ASM 305GPS and Precision Agriculture3
ASM 315Irrigation Systems and Water Management3
ASM 331Electric Power Systems for Agriculture3
ASM 409Agricultural Tractors, Power Units and Machinery Management4
ASM 412Agricultural Safety and Health2
ASM 433Agricultural Processing Systems3
BIOL 102Biology and Society3
BIOL 102LBiology and Society Lab1
BUS 190Integrated Business and Value Creation3
BLAW 265Legal Environment of Business3
ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics3
Select one of the following:4
Introduction to Chemistry
and Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory
Principles of Chemistry I
and Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory
Select one of the following:4
Fundamentals of Physics
and Fundamentals of Physics Lab
General Physics I
and General Physics I Lab
Engineering Physics I
and Laboratory Physics I
Select one AgEc Elective - Upper Division course3
Select 10 credits of Agricultural and Technical Electives10
Select one Life Science Elective3
Total Hours109

Courses to total 128 credits for this degree