Fish and Wildlife Science (M.S.)

Master of Science. Major in Natural Resources.

The M.S. degree with major study in either fishery resources or wildlife resources is awarded when a student has met the requirements listed below. A formal graduate program of at least 30 semester hours is chosen in consultation with the major professor and the student's supervisory committee. At least 18 credits must be courses numbered 500 and above. For the thesis option, no more than 10 of the 500-level credits of Research and Thesis may be applied toward the degree.

  1. Thesis option: General M.S. requirements apply except that the thesis requirement may be fulfilled by one or more journal publications at the discretion of the candidate's supervisory committee.
  2. Non-thesis option: General M.S. requirements apply. A professional paper is required.

The Ph.D. degree is available with a major in natural resources. General Ph.D. requirements apply; see the section on "Natural Resources" for details.