Water Resources Law, Management and Policy Option (Ph.D.)

Doctor of Philosophy. Major in Water Resources - Law, Management and Policy Option.

Common Courses

Students in both M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs are required to fulfill a set of common courses, applicable to all three Water Resources Option Areas. 

WR 501Seminar1-16
WR 506Interdisciplinary Methods in Water Resources3
WR 507Integrated Water Resources Projects3
Select one 500-level Elective course: 13

Entry Requirements

A background in government, public policy, or management is required for M.S. and Ph.D. admission to the Law, Management, and Policy Option Area. Students without an undergraduate degree in Political Science, Public Policy, Government, or entering the concurrent J.D. program, or related field may be granted provisional admission, but they are required to complete coursework (in addition to standard program and option area requirements) that demonstrates a minimum level of competency. This should include:

  • American Government (6 credits at the 400 level)
  • Public Policy (6 credits at the 400 level) or

Both requirements above may be met by taking equivalent law courses including:

  • Constitutional Law and Civil Procedure (12 credits at the 900 level, as approved by major advisor)
  • Subject to approval of the Water Resources Program curriculum committee, other relevant completed courses (or professional experience) may be substituted to meet these requirements.

Core Courses

All students in the Water Resources Law, Management & Policy Option Area are required to complete:

  • Research or Analytical Methods (3 cr determined in consultation with committee)

The student and committee select the appropriate mix of Law, Management and Policy courses from the following list. Law students are encouraged to take non-law courses. Non-law students are encouraged to take courses from at least two disciplines. M.S. students are required to take 6 credits, and Ph.D. students 9 credits from the following (6 or 9 cr):

AGEC 577Law, Ethics and the Environment3
NRS 573Planning & Decision Making for Watershed Management3
LAW 942Water Law I (Max 2 credits)1-2
LAW 946Water and Energy Policy Seminar2
LAW 947Environmental Law3
LAW 951Environmental Policy3

Elective Courses

As noted under Common Courses for Ph.D. only, an elective course must be in either Engineering & Science or Science & Management Option Areas. A core course may be considered an elective course once the core requirements are satisfied. A detailed list of elective courses for this option area is provided on the Water Resources Program web site.