Student/Program Assessment

Effective teaching and learning are essential to meeting our long-held goal of producing responsible, well-prepared citizens and leaders in their professions. Our program of student outcomes assessment has been implemented to ensure that we continually improve the teaching and learning process and the programs that support that process.

Learning outcomes are listed for courses on syllabi. Program learning outcomes for all degrees, certificates, and credentials are listed in the catalog and can be found on each program's individual page. Program learning outcomes are assessed annually by faculty to ensure students are well-prepared for their intended field or path. The data is analyzed for program strengths and weaknesses and to identify opportunities to improve students' learning results.

Information vital to effective assessment includes evidence of student knowledge and skills learned within the program, as well as student opinions on the quality of university academic programs and services, and self-reports of learning. Students are an integral part of course and program assessment and are asked to participate in assessment activities; these include, but are not limited to, examinations, signature assignments, interviews, surveys, focus groups, and follow-up surveys after graduation.