23-Credit English Teaching Minor

ENGL 175Literature and Ideas3
or ENGL 215 Introduction to English Studies
ENGL 201English Grammar: Key Concepts and Terms1
ENGL 267Survey of British Literature I3
or ENGL 268 Survey of British Literature II
ENGL 277Survey of American Literature I3
or ENGL 278 Survey of American Literature II
ENGL 445Young Adult Literature3
or EDCI 445 Young Adult Literature
Composition Elective (Select one of the following)3
Persuasive Writing
Personal & Exploratory Writing
Introduction to Creative Writing
Rhetorical Style
Business Writing
Technical Writing II
EDCI 431Secondary English Methods3
EDCI 441Secondary English Practicum1
Select one literature course focusing on multicultural literature:3
U.S. Ethnic Literature
Women's Literature
Major Authors
(s) African American Literature
Native American and Indigenous Literature
(s) World Literature
Total Hours23