International Programs

The International Programs Office (IPO) has campus-wide responsibility for international activities, including international student recruitment, student and faculty exchanges, intensive English language training, long- and short-term study abroad, and serves as a liaison with the community regarding international interests. IPO also acts as a clearinghouse for international education activities, training, development programs, research agreements, for faculty and student Fulbright scholarships, and provides support for international activities in the colleges. IPO is located in the Living and Learning Center at 901 Paradise Creek Street, Building #3, Ground Floor; phone 208-885-8984; fax 208-885-2859; e-mail;

International Students

International students are an integral part of the ethnic diversity of the University of Idaho. Representing up to 90 countries from around the world, international students contribute significantly to the rich cultural atmosphere of UI.

International student services are provided by international student advisors (ISA’s) in IPO. All matters pertaining to students' status with the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of State are handled by the ISA’s, and they also serve as official liaisons between students and their consular offices or sponsoring agencies. ISA’s are involved with the progress of international students at every stage of the educational process, and students are encouraged to visit an ISA regularly to discuss concerns or questions related to immigration matters and educational, financial, or cultural adjustments.

Once a student has been admitted, general information is provided about what to bring to the U.S., the U.S. educational system, and housing. A mandatory orientation before classes begin, answers initial questions and provides new students with information and skills to succeed in their academic programs as well as tips on cultural adjustment. Community contacts are arranged through the International Friendship Association (IFA). The IPO, IFA, and international student groups sponsor additional social, cultural, and educational activities.


International students holding nonresident alien status must either purchase the UI’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for themselves and all accompanying dependents or document coverage of an equivalent insurance with the International Programs Office as part of their obligation to establish proof of financial responsibility for expenses incurred while attending the university. Failure to obtain and maintain the required insurance may subject students to sanctions, up to and including disenrollment. See the insurance section in this catalog for more information.

American Language and Culture Program

The American Language and Culture Program (ALCP) offers full-time courses in intensive English for Academic Preparation. Courses are offered throughout the year, with two eight-week sessions during each of the fall and spring semesters and one six-week session in the summer. The program also offers specialized short-term programs by arrangement.

Students wishing to improve their English or achieve the required level of English language proficiency for admittance to UI can work toward that goal while living on or off the UI campus and attending the American Language and Culture Program (ALCP). The curriculum emphasizes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar skills from beginning to advanced levels. At the University of Idaho, students who pass Level 5 may use their passing grades as a substitute for the English language proficiency examination for undergraduate admission and passing grades in level 6 for admission into many graduate programs. ALCP students take part in special cultural activities and learn about U.S. culture and U.S. university culture.

For more information and/or applications, contact ALCP through the International Programs Office located at the Living Learning Center at 901 Paradise Creek Street, Building #3, Ground Floor; Phone: 208-885-8984; Email; Website:

Applicants to the University of Idaho, please note:

Deferred admission

Deferred admission may be granted to applicants who qualify academically, but who have not yet met UI's minimum English language proficiency requirement. In deferred status, students enroll in UI's American Language and Culture Program to achieve their department's English language requirement prior to being granted full admission and commencing their degree programs.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is available to ALCP students at Levels 5 and 6. With the consent of the ALCP coordinator and the instructor of the course(s), qualified ALCP students may take up to 7 credits of academic course work at the undergraduate and graduate levels while still remaining enrolled full time in ALCP.

Education Abroad

The University of Idaho has the largest education abroad program in the state of Idaho and one of the most extensive programs in the U.S. With access to 350 universities in 65 countries, students in virtually any field can enhance their UI education. For example, students can study wildlife in South Africa, education in Sweden, ecology in Costa Rica, architecture in Italy, or business in China. Students can also study subjects not normally offered at UI. A student pursuing a computer science major might choose to study animation in England, a student interested in microbiology might study genome science in Australia, or a student undertaking a civil engineering major might choose to study ocean engineering in Scotland. Courses in many countries are taught in English so that students without foreign language skills are still able to study abroad. However, those students who are interested in learning a foreign language will find that there are also excellent opportunities for studying Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, as well as other world languages.

Students participating on UI education abroad programs may also take advantage of exciting opportunities in international service learning, internships, volunteerism, research, and field work. For example, students studying in India might volunteer for a cooperative promoting women’s rights, health, and standing in Indian society, students studying in Berlin might participate in an internship with Mercedes-Benz, and students in Peru might participate in a service-learning program caring for llamas and alpacas in an Agricultural Animal Care Center, preserving a historically vital piece of Peruvian culture.

Students who participate in UI education abroad programs do not pay UI tuition/fees (except students participating in UI exchanges or faculty/staff-led programs). Instead, they pay the program cost for each semester/summer term they are abroad. Program costs vary, but in some cases an education abroad experience costs about the same amount as studying on campus. Students receiving federal or state financial aid and/or scholarships may be able to apply their entire award to UI education abroad programs. Students participating in semester/academic year education abroad programs are required to be full-time students unless special arrangements have been made.

Full-time UI students may also be eligible for an International Experience Grant (IEG) created through the Associated Students of the University of Idaho (ASUI). Approximately 157 of these grants are awarded to UI undergraduate education abroad participants each year. Many other education abroad scholarships are also available to UI students. Some education abroad programs, such as the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), have established scholarship programs for UI, a number of UI departments and colleges also provide education abroad scholarships, and there are also many national education abroad scholarships available to UI students. Learn more about education abroad at

Students may receive credit for education abroad or other experience overseas in the following ways:

  1. Residency credit toward baccalaureate degree. Students are registered under the study abroad course number (SA 999). The "Course Planning Form" form must be completed before departure to ensure proper evaluation when the program is completed. Upon receipt of an official transcript, courses are evaluated and recorded as transfer credit. Credits earned through approved UI education abroad programs are included in the residency requirement for baccalaureate degrees.
  2. Transfer credit. Students whose needs are not met by UI education abroad programs may petition to participate in a non-UI affiliated education abroad program.  If the petition is approved, students must complete all other required Education Abroad forms, including a "Financial Aid Consortium/Contract Agreement" (signed by the education abroad institution and submitted to the International Programs Office before departure) for registration to be processed and financial aid to be disbursed. Students are registered under the non-UI education abroad course number (SA 998). Upon receipt of an official transcript, courses are evaluated and recorded as transfer credit. Credits earned through non-UI education abroad programs are not included in the residency requirement for baccalaureate degrees.
  3. Directed study. Students may petition to plan their own educational experiences abroad, and arrange in advance for credit from any appropriate department. This is for education comparable to that gained in other courses of that department, but it may be as general and inclusive as the department will allow. Students choosing this option must also fill-out all appropriate UI Education Abroad applications and mandatory forms.
  4. Course challenge. Some courses may be challenged on the basis of knowledge gained abroad. See regulation I-2.
  5. Experiential learning. Credit may be awarded to students for knowledge and/or competence gained in foreign travel. See regulation I-2. This option requires the submission of a portfolio demonstrating knowledge and competence.

UI Education Abroad Program Sites

UI is affiliated to the following programs and uses these grading systems:

Education Abroad Program Placement Sites Duration Grades Reqd GPA
Accademia Italiana  Italy Semester, year, summer  P/F  2.5
Al Akhawayn University Morocco Semester, year, summer P/F 2.5
Chulalongkorn University Thailand Semester, year, summer P/F 2.5
EcoLife Expeditions - North-West University  South Africa  Winter, summer P/F  2.5
Harlaxton College- University of Evansville England Semester, year, summer A-F 3
Helping Hands Health Education (Tribhuvan Univ) Nepal Semester, year, summer A-F 2.5
Semester at Sea (Colorado State Univ) Various Semester, year, summer A-F 2.75
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW) Germany Semester, year P/F 2.5
The Hague Netherlands Semester, year P/F 2.5
KCP International Language Institute Japan Semester, year, summer A-F 2.5
Lancaster University England Semester, year P-F 2.75
Lincoln University New Zealand Semester, year P-F 2.75
New RowNagasaki University of Foreign Studies Japan Semester, year A-F 2.5
National Chiayi University Taiwan Semester, year P/F 2.5
Regent's University London  England  Semester, year, summer  P/F  2.75
Royal Thimpu College Bhutan Semester, year A-F 2.5
Ryukoku University  Japan  Semester, year  P/F  2.50
Southern Denmark University Denmark Semester, year P/F 2.5
Tampere University of Technology  Finland  Semester, year  P/F  2.50
Universidad de Zaragoza Spain Semester, year P/F 2.5
University College Dublin  Ireland  Semester, year, summer  P/F  3.0
University of Nottingham Ningbo  China  Semester, year, summer  P/F  2.50
University of the Sunshine Coast Australia Semester, year P/F 2.5
Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) 66 institutions in 36 countries Semester, year, summer A-F 2.50-3.00
International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) 328 institutions in 54 countries Semester, year, summer P/F 2.75
International Studies Abroad (ISA) Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam Semester, year, summer A-F 2.50-3.00
University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay Semester, year, summer A-F 2.50-3.00

Students who participate in UI education abroad programs do not pay UI tuition/fees (except students participating in UI faculty/staff-led programs). Instead, they pay the program cost for each semester/summer term they are abroad.

Students participating in semester/academic year education abroad programs are required to be full-time students unless special arrangements have been made.

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For more information on education abroad (study, intern, work, research, volunteer abroad), call, email, or visit the International Programs Office in LLC Building #3, Ground Floor (tel: 208-885-7870 email: