Concurrent Degrees

Concurrent Degrees (M.Acct./M.P.A/M.S./Ph.D.) and other Graduate-Level Courses

Graduate-level courses used toward an approved concurrent law degree must be approved by the College of Law. Grades and credits earned in these approved graduate courses will not be calculated in the student’s institutional College of Law GPA or College of Law class ranking.

The University of Idaho currently offers the following concurrent programs:

  • J.D./M.Acct. - Accounting
  • J.D./M.P.A. - Public Administration
  • J.D./M.S. - Environmental Science
  • J.D./M.S. - Water Resources
  • J.D./Ph.D. - Water Resources

For information on the concurrent J.D./M.Acct. see the Accounting section. For information on the concurrent J.D./M.S. and J.D./Ph.D. degrees, see the Program in Environmental Science section, or the Program in Water Resources section. For information on the concurrent J.D./M.P.A., see the Department of Politics and Philosophy section. UI graduate-level courses will be recorded on the law student’s academic record as a comment only.

For the concurrent J.D./M.Acct., J.D./M.S., and J.D./Ph.D. degrees, a student will be required to complete both degrees for the College of Law to count twelve credits towards the J.D. degree. If a student fails to receive the M.Acct., M.S. or Ph.D. degree, a maximum of six semester credits earned in the M.Acct., M.S., or Ph.D. program may count towards the J.D. degree with the approval of the College of Law assistant dean. For information on the J.D./M.B.A. concurrent degree program offered in cooperation with Washington State University, please contact the College of Law.

Additional Information

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