Secondary Education (M.A.T.)

Required course work includes successful completion of Praxis II test in the student's content area; one 45-credit teaching endorsement or one 30-credit teaching endorsement and one 20-credit teaching endorsement (see Teaching Majors and Minors); and maintaining at least a grade of 'C' in the following course requirements:

EDCI 501Seminar1
EDCI 543Learning, Development and Assessment3
EDCI 544Teaching Culturally Diverse Learners3
EDCI 545Technology, Teaching and Learning2
EDCI 550Contexts of Education3
EDCI 563Literacy Methods for Content Learning3
EDCI 598Internship10
EDSP 520Educating for Exceptionalities3
Select one of the following Special Methods sequences:4
Secondary English Methods
and Secondary English Practicum
Secondary Social Studies Methods
and Secondary Social Studies Methods Practicum
Secondary Science Methods
and Secondary Science Methods Practicum
Secondary Mathematics Methods
and Secondary Mathematics Methods Practicum
Secondary Art Methods
and Secondary Art Methods Practicum
Secondary Foreign Language Methods
and Second Language Teaching Methods Practicum
Total Hours32