Black Studies Minor

IS 4263
Select one course in Contemporary Race Relations:3
Race and Ethnicity through the Ages
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Select 12 additional elective credits from the following two lists of Humanities-based and Social Science-based courses, with at least 3 credits from each list:12
Intercultural Communication
Teaching Culturally Diverse Learners
U.S. Ethnic Literature
(s) African American Literature
(s) World Literature
French/Francophone Literature in Translation
French/Francophone Cinema in Translation
Race and Ethnicity through the Ages
The Civil War and Reconstruction
Comparative African-American Cultures
The Age of African Empires
Slavery and Freedom in the Americas
Chamber Ensemble ((World Beats only))
History of Rock and Roll
Studies in Jazz History
Studies in World Music
Social Science:
Language and Culture
Human Issues in International Development
Inequalities in the Justice System
The Contemporary Muslim World
Africa Today
African Politics
African Politics
Human Issues in International Development
Politics of Development
Environmental Sociology and Globalization
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Environmental Justice
Total Hours18

Courses to total 18 credits for this minor