The University of Idaho will expand the institution’s intellectual and economic impact and make higher education relevant and accessible to qualified students of all backgrounds.

Exceptional research universities such as the University of Idaho prepare their students not just with today's knowledge but also with the ability to discover new knowledge, solve novel problems, lead and construct the future. We educate students at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels to meet the needs of Idaho and the world. We improve lives by creating knowledge and impact through our research, scholarship and creative activity. 

As Idaho’s land-grant university, U of I will maintain its current leadership in research and engagement with Idaho communities. Putting new knowledge into action reqU of Ires persistent growth in creating and executing ideas that matter. We will continue to provide leading graduate and professional education including enhanced production of doctoral, masters and professional degrees. The University of Idaho will become a Carnegie R1 (Highest Research Activity) institution known for excellence in our areas of strength and recognized for interdisciplinary research. 

U of I will serve any qualified student by providing access to the unique educational experience that a research university affords. The university will enroll a mix of resident and nonresident (including international) students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Our resident students will represent a cross-section of Idaho in ethnic, socioeconomic and demographic terms. Education at U of I is not simply the transmission of knowledge, but is also the preparation for students to become problem solvers and lifelong learners. This is why we augment discipline-specific learning with a strong foundation in the liberal arts. 

The university will excel in student success as measured by the transformative educational experience and the achievement of student learning outcomes; and by readily quantifiable measures such as high retention and graduation rates, employment/career outcomes for students, other measures of student engagement and learning to include the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and internal measures. The university will engage and lead across the state in an effort to help Idaho achieve its goal of 60 percent postsecondary education attainment. To achieve this goal, U of I undergraduate enrollment and graduates will increase 50 percent over current levels. The university will be a purpose-driven organization, a vibrant intellectual community that attracts, retains and develops great faculty and staff. We will achieve this outcome by using our existing resources effectively, generating additional resources and improving our physical and professional environment.