Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A. or B.S.)

Interdisciplinary Studies students create a curriculum that is not listed elsewhere in this catalog. The curriculum will be focused on meeting the student's particular educational and career goals and learning objectives by combining courses in two or more departments. 

The program is normally developed and presented before the end of the junior year or at the time when at least 30 credits of the proposed program remain to be taken. Permission for allowing (a) presentation later in the student’s academic career or (b) with fewer than 30 credits yet to be taken may be granted by the CLASS Director of Student Services. The program must be approved by (a) at least one faculty member from each of the participating departments, one of which must be in CLASS, (b) the chair of one of the CLASS departments involved, and (c) the CLASS Director of Student Services. The major requires a minimum of 50 credits of courses numbered 200 or above, including a minimum of 36 credits in courses numbered 300 or above. It is recommended, however, that majors in interdisciplinary studies complete at least 50 credits in upper-division courses. University requirements (see regulation J-3) and CLASS requirements for either the B.A. or B.S. degree apply. In some cases, the Dean or Associate Dean of CLASS may approve participation by departments from other colleges and universities. Participation of such departments may permitted as long as one of the participating departments in the program is a CLASS department, and other University of Idaho and CLASS requirements are met.

Interested students should consult the CLASS dean's office in Moscow or Coeur d’Alene for further information about this program.