F - Grades of Incomplete

F-1. Assigning of "Incomplete" Grades

A grade of "Incomplete" is assigned only when the student has been in attendance and has done passing work up to a time within three weeks of the close of the semester, or within one week of the close of the summer session. It may be assigned only upon agreement of the student and course instructor when extenuating circumstances make it impossible for the student to complete course requirements on time. (Extenuating circumstances include serious illness, car accidents, death of a family member, etc. It does not include lateness due to procrastination, the student’s desire to do extra work to raise their grade, allowing a student to retake the course, etc.) For graduate students on probation, see College of Graduate Studies section on Probation, Disqualification, and Reinstatement. If a grade of "Incomplete" is submitted, the instructor will assign a reversion grade in the event the missing work is not completed. The instructor must also specify to the student the conditions and requirements for completing the deficient work.

F-2. Completion of "Incomplete" Grades

Final grades for incompletes received in the fall semester or intersession must be assigned by the last day of the following summer semester. Final grades for incompletes received in the spring semester or summer session must be assigned by the last day of the following fall semester. When a student has completed the deficient work, the instructor will assign a final grade. An incomplete that is not completed within the time limit specified above would automatically be changed to the reversion grade assigned by the instructor at the time the incomplete was submitted. Instructors may assign a final grade anytime within the time period specified above. In the event the instructor leaves the university, the departmental administrator may assign the final grade. An incomplete remains on the student’s permanent record and is accompanied by the final grade (i.e. I/A, I/B, I/C).

F-3. "Incomplete" Grades on Record at End of Final Term

A student cannot graduate with a grade of "Incomplete" on their record. At the end of the term in which the student will graduate, a grade of "Incomplete" in any UI course on that degree level (undergraduate, graduate, law, etc.) reverts to the grade that the instructor had specified on the on-line grade roster (see F-1). Reverted grades are included in the computation of the student's cumulative grade-point average at graduation.