Political Science (B.S.)

The B.S. degree requires increased course work in behavioral research methods.  Political Science majors must have a minimum of 39 credits in Political Science courses with at least 21 of those credits coming in upper-division courses.  Course work also includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3), the general requirements for the B.S. degree, and:

Political Science Core Requirements
POLS 101Introduction to Political Science and American Government3
POLS 235Political Research Methods and Approaches3
POLS 336Political Research Methods and Approaches II3
POLS 490Senior Experience (Senior standing or 24 credit hours in political science are required.)3
Select three of the five introductory courses:9
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Introduction to Political Behavior
Introduction to Political Philosophy
Introduction to Public Policy
Introduction to International Politics
Additional Political Science Upper Division Requirements
Select 18 credits from the following areas: 118
American Political Institutions and Behavior
The Judicial Process
American Political Parties and Elections
American Congress
American Political Culture
American Presidency
Intergovernmental Relations
Public Opinion and Political Behavior
Public Administration and Public Policy
American Foreign Policy
Politics of the Environment
Public Policy
Public Administration
Natural Resource Policy
Sustainable Community Development Planning
International and Comparative Politics
European Politics
Game Theory
Introduction to Asian Politics
Politics, Policy and Gender
International Organizations & International Law
Genes and Justice: Comparative Biotechnology Policy Formation
World Politics and War
Politics of Development
Political Violence and Revolution
Public Law
Constitutional Law
Civil Liberties
Political Philosophy
History of Political Philosophy I
History of Political Philosophy II
American Political Thought
Contemporary Political Ethics
Courses in upper-division related fields
Select 17 credits depending on student interest and in consultation with advisor 117
Additional research methods course
Select one additional research methods course in consultation with advisor 23
Total Hours59

Courses to total 120 credits for this degree