Interdisciplinary Studies (INTR)

INTR 101 (s) Focus on Success

1-3 credits, max 6
Develop strategies to help you meet the demands of college-level course work. Includes goal setting, study skills, learning strategies, time management, effective communication skills. This course will introduce you to University requirements and resources, and help you integrate into the academic and social environment at the UI.

INTR 200 (s) Seminar

Credit arranged.

INTR 201 Major/Career Exploration & Decision Making

1 credits
Students are taken through the career decision-making process. Through career assessments, occupation & industry research, and informational interviews, students will learn about themselves and explore possible careers in order to narrow down their options and make informed major and career decisions.

INTR 203 (s) Workshop

Credit arranged.

INTR 204 (s) Special Topics

Credit arranged.

INTR 210 Life Skills for Student Athletes

2 credits
This course supports the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for student-athletes, encouraging emotional well-being, leadership, personal growth and decision-making skills. Upon completion of the course the student-athlete will: 1. Understand the guidelines and resources available for academic success; 2. Take personal responsibility for actions, behaviors and pursuing goals; 3. Effectively manage your time within the constraints of a busy academic schedule; 4. Consistently demonstrate successful classroom behavior, study habits, and test taking skills; 5. Make informed and educated decisions regarding health issues; 6. Learn to prepare nutritious and inexpensive meals; 7. Appreciate the meaning of diversity and culture; 8. Understand how to manage your personal finances; 9. Choose the correct major and identify possible career choices; and 10. Demonstrate the understanding of a service learning experience.

INTR 298 (s) Internship

Credit arranged.

INTR 299 (s) Directed Study

Credit arranged .

INTR 316 Explore Mentoring & Leadership

3 credits
Cross-listed with PSYC 317 and SOC 316
Through the study of both mentoring as well as leadership, this course will prepare students to become effective mentors, citizens and members of the larger community. The course will cover a broad range of topics including: mentoring skills; leadership language, theory and style; communication and conflict; social justice and multiculturalism; values and ethics; and social change.

INTR 398 (s) Internship

Credit arranged.

INTR 400 (s) Seminar

Credit arranged.

INTR 401 Career and Leadership Development

2 credits
Gen Ed: Senior Experience
Provides students with information, resources and tools to help them explore careers, set goals, and make informed educational and career choices. Students will enhance their leadership skills, explore abilities, interests, and values in preparation to excel in the post-graduation world. A main focus of the class will be identifying and assessing strengths, direct and transferable skills students possess, and how to market and effectively communicate the value such skills bring to an organization, graduate program or employer post-graduation. Senior experience seminar for students in general studies and interdisciplinary studies.
Prereq: Junior standing or higher .

INTR 403 (s) Workshop

Credit arranged.

INTR 404 (s) Special Topics

Credit arranged.

INTR 405 (s) Professional Development

Credit arranged
Joint-listed with INTR 505.

INTR 450 University Interdisciplinary Colloquium

1 credit, max 6
This course meets in conjunction with the Malcolm Renfrew Interdisciplinary Colloquium, a campus-wide speaker series that meets weekly on Tuesdays during the Fall and Spring semesters. The presentations concern various aspects of teaching and research on campus, and are delivered by faculty and staff from across the university. Attendance at the presentations is required, and students are expected to submit their class notes and reaction essays for each presentation at the end of the semester. Graded Pass/Fail.

INTR 489 Honors Program Ambassadors

1 credit, max 8
Student Ambassadors are selected through an application and interview process. Students will learn leadership, communication, networking and public speaking skills. Students will meet in the classroom with the instructor and will be responsible for representing the University Honors Program at various on- and off-campus events and activities.

INTR 491 College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences Ambassadors

Credit arranged
Student ambassadors are selected through an application and interview process. Students will learn skills in leadership, communication, networking, public speaking and time management. Students will be responsible for representing the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences in various recruiting activities and events.

INTR 492 College of Science Ambassadors

1 credit, max 8
Student ambassadors are selected through an application and interview process. Students will learn skills in leadership, communication, networking, and public speaking. Students will be responsible for representing the College of Science in various recruiting activities and events.
Prereq: Permission .

INTR 496 Pre-Health Peer Mentors

1 credit, max 4
Pre-health peer mentors are selected through an application and interview process. The mentor program will help promote a welcoming and supportive community for pre-health-professions-focused students new to the University of Idaho, while providing mentors the opportunity to further develop the inter- and intra-personal competencies expected of future healthcare professionals. These competencies include collaboration, communication, service orientation, and ethical responsibility to self and others.

INTR 498 (s) Internship

1 credit, max 2
Tutorial services performed by advanced students under faculty supervision.
Prereq: Permission.

INTR 499 (s) Directed Study

Credit arranged.

INTR 500 Master's Research and Thesis

Credit arranged.

INTR 501 (s) Seminar

Credit arranged.

INTR 502 (s) Directed Study

Credit arranged.

INTR 503 (s) Workshop

Credit arranged.

INTR 504 (s) Special Topics

Credit arranged.

INTR 505 (s) Professional Development

Credit arranged
Joint-listed with INTR 405.

INTR 508 Teaching and Learning Strategies for International Teaching Assistants

1 credit
This course is designed to help International Teaching Assistants become better teachers and facilitators of student learning . The course will include mentoring through classroom teaching and observation sessions. Graded Pass/Fail.

INTR 598 (s) Internship

Credit arranged.

INTR 599 (s) Research

Credit arranged
Research not directly related to a thesis or dissertation.
Prereq: Permission.