American Indian Studies Minor

AIST 314Tribal Sovereignty and Federal Policy3
AIST 344Indigenous Ways of Knowing3
AIST/ANTH 422Plateau Indians3
Select 9 credits of elective courses from the following:9
Community Building
Intro to Success
Special Topics
Native Identities
Tribal Elders Series
Native American & Indigenous Film
Contemporary American Indian Issues
Special Topics
Native American Architecture
Tribal Governance
Native American Law
Native American Natural Resource Law
Red Earth White Lies: American Indian History 1840-Present
Stolen Continents, The Indian Story: Indian History to 1840
Tribal Nation Economics and Law
Directed Study
North American Indians
North American Prehistory
Plateau Prehistory
American Indian Literature
Elementary Nez Perce I
Elementary Nez Perce II
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Total Hours18

Courses to total 18 credits for this minor