Nuclear Criticality Safety Graduate Academic Certificate

Students who wish to earn an academic certificate in Nuclear Criticality Safety have two possible tracks that can be used to complete this certificate.  Students who are majoring in Nuclear Engineering or a closely related program are encouraged to complete the first track.  Students who are majoring in Technology Management are encourage to complete the second track.  Students interested in this academic certificate should contact the Director of Nuclear Engineering.

All required coursework must be completed with a grade of 'B' or better (O-10-b).

Track 1

NE 450Principles of Nuclear Engineering3
NE 535Nuclear Criticality Safety3
NE 555Nuclear Criticality Safety II3
Select one of the following:3
Radiation Detection and Shielding
Upper-Division or Graduate level Mathematics course
Total Hours12

A grade of ‘B’ or higher is required in all coursework for this academic certificate.

 Courses to total 12 credits for this certificate

Track 2

TM 513Nuclear Criticality Safety3
TM 514Nuclear Safety3
TM 516Nuclear Rules and Regulations3
NE 450Principles of Nuclear Engineering3
Total Hours12

Courses to total 12 credits for this certificate