Principles and Values


Individual commitment to excellence is central to the values we promote. We value the purposeful pursuit of knowledge that improves our communities and prepares us for a lifetime of service. We believe in a culture of leadership and promotion of excellence that passionately educates those seeking knowledge and celebrates success when that knowledge is applied to address societal challenges.


Central to our productivity and morale is a climate that is considerate and respectful. The University of Idaho is an extensive and diverse community of people from varied backgrounds and beliefs. We welcome the viewpoints and contributions of everyone in our community. We believe that an institution is only as strong as its ability to include diverse perspectives that critically contribute to the University of Idaho’s mission.


We believe that adherence to and a shared understanding of ethical principles is necessary for effective collaboration within an educational community. The University of Idaho is committed to internal congruence as well as openness and transparency in decision-making and leadership.


The University of Idaho is a community that is brave and bold in our pursuit of higher aspirations, always pushing to offer the best opportunities and environment for our students, faculty, staff and community. We are confident in our ability to succeed and have demonstrated long-term discipline to achieve our goals.


We embrace our personal and social obligation to ensure the sustainability of our future. For this community, ensuring a sustainable healthy lifestyle is part of a comprehensive desire to acknowledge stewardship of the natural environment to human interactions and well-being.