Continuing Education

The University of Idaho offers a variety of courses for individuals to continue their education, whether in Moscow or not. Continuing education courses fall into three categories:

  1. Conferences, courses, seminars, or workshops offered by academic departments;
  2. Credit and non-credit courses offered by the Engineering Outreach Program; and
  3. Independent Study in Idaho courses.

Courses Offered by Academic Departments

Several academic departments offer conferences, courses, seminars, and workshops throughout the region where students can earn U of I credit or Continuing Education Units (CEU) (see regulation D-5 for information on CEUs). These conferences, courses, seminars, or workshops are taught by U of I faculty members or by qualified local instructors who are approved by the respective college in which the course is offered.

Students earning U of I credit for these conferences, courses, seminars, and workshops must be admitted by the U of I Admissions Office; students earning credit through Independent Study in Idaho or CEUs do not.

Each college and department is responsible for developing and administering these courses as well as registering students. Those interested in taking such courses should contact the respective college for courses available in their geographic area.