Modern Languages and Cultures Academic Minor Requirements

Students must complete 20 credits for the Asian Studies, French, German, or Spanish minor, of which at least 9 must be upper-division, and take Avant's STAMP (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) exit exam1.

At least 9 of the 20 credits must be UI courses taken in residence. Credits earned through study abroad may be applied toward completion of the minor requirements.

Vertical credits may be acquired per Regulation I for the 101, 102, 201, and 202 courses as part of the 20 credits, but vertical credits may not be acquired per Regulation I for 300/400-level courses. It is not possible to challenge any upper-division courses for the minor.

Transfer credits may be applied toward a minor with the approval of the department offering the minor; however, the last nine credits applied to completion of the minor must be earned in the following ways:

  1. UI courses,
  2. through UI study abroad, or
  3. through student exchange programs, and may not include credits earned through correspondence study.

A student must receive a C or better in any course to count for the Asian Studies, French, German, or Spanish minor.


STAMP exit exam is waived for online students. STAMP is a proctored exam that is administered by the Testing Center on campus, so off-campus administration is not possible.