Health and Safety (H&S)

H&S 150 Wellness Lifestyles (3 credits)

Health concepts and strategies that affect one's wellness; emphasis on personal responsibility and life-style choices.

H&S 200 (s) Seminar (1-16 credits)

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H&S 203 (s) Workshop (1-16 credits)

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H&S 204 (s) Special Topics (1-16 credits)

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H&S 232 Medical Terminology (2 credits)

Introduction to basic concepts of medical terminology and symbols related to medical and allied health professionals.

H&S 245 Introduction to Athletic Injuries (3 credits)

Online. Basic prevention, recognition, and immediate care of athletic injuries with application of course material through lab activities.

H&S 299 (s) Directed Study (1-16 credits)

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H&S 301 Peer Health Education (2 credits)

This course prepares students to inform, educate, intervene and assist their campus peers to make healthy lifestyle choices. Upon completion of the course and Certified Peer Health Educator (CPE) test, students become a CPE with the Bacchus Network. Students meet once a week for 2 hours in class.

H&S 328 Community Health: Theory, Systems, and Practice (3 credits)

This course examines concepts of community and public health history, philosophy, theory, science, and practice. Community health is presented as an interdisciplinary and interactive system organized to promote and protect health, prevent disease, and eliminate health disparities. It also addresses professional competencies, standards, and the important role of community health in the health care system. Typically Offered: Fall.

H&S 350 Stress Management and Mental Health (2 credits)

Application of behavioral stress management techniques that have the potential to relieve mental and physical stress; emphasis on development of skills related to mental and physical health.

H&S 400 (s) Seminar (1-16 credits)

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H&S 403 (s) Workshop (1-16 credits)

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H&S 404 (s) Special Topics (1-16 credits)

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H&S 423 Health Education Methods (3 credits)

Joint-listed with H&S 523

Curriculum design, planning and instruction, methods and strategies, and resource materials for teaching health in school and community settings. Additional work required for graduate credit.

Prereqs: H&S 150 or MVSC 201, EDCI 201, and acceptance into teacher preparation

H&S 450 Critical Health Issues (3 credits)

Provides a sampling of information that represents the current and projected trends in health; students will gain an understanding of broad public health issues and what strategies would be useful to address these problems.

Prereqs: BIOL 227 and BIOL 228; or MVSC 201

H&S 451 Psychosocial Determinants of Health (3 credits)

Investigates the social, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual factors influencing health behaviors. Emphasis is placed on understanding and evaluating the biopsychosocial model and the interrelation between one's physical, psychological, and social well being.

Prereqs: MVSC 201

H&S 490 Health Promotion (3 credits)

Examines the philosophical, ethical and theoretical foundations of the professional practice of health promotion in school, community, and work site settings, as well as in health promotion consultant activities. Emphasis will be placed on facilitating prepared units/lessons to respective target populations such as students, employees, patients, or community members. (Spring only)

Prereqs: H&S 450 or Permission

H&S 498 (s) Internship (1-9 credits)

Supervised field work.

Prereqs: Senior standing

H&S 499 (s) Directed Study (1-16 credits)

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H&S 501 (s) Seminar (1-16 credits)

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H&S 502 (s) Directed Studies (1-16 credits)

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H&S 503 (s) Workshop (1-16 credits)

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H&S 504 (s) Special Topics (1-16 credits)

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H&S 505 (s) Professional Development (1-16 credits)

Credit arranged. Credit earned in this course will not be accepted toward graduate degree programs.

H&S 523 School Health Education Methods and Administration (3 credits)

Joint-listed with H&S 423

Curriculum design, organization and administration, methods and strategies, and resource materials for teaching health in school health settings. Team leadership project and activity required for graduate credit. (Fall only)

Prereqs: H&S 150 or MVSC 201

H&S 597 (s) Practicum (1-3 credits, max 3)

H&S 599 (s) Research (1-16 credits)

Credit arranged