Alumni and Career Services

Alumni Association

Alumni Center; 208-885-6154;

The University of Idaho Alumni Association exists to foster and coordinate the support of alumni and friends of the university in strengthening the academic, research, service, and leadership-building programs of the institution. It also provides individual alumni services to its non-dues paying members throughout the world.

All former UI students who earned a UI degree or at least 90 credits at UI, and associate and honorary alumni are members of the association. The director of alumni relations and staff, along with an elected board of directors, guide the many programs, services, and activities for the more than 75,000 members.

The Alumni Association strives to keep alumni informed about their alma mater, encourage university loyalty and material support, and apprise the university community of alumni opinion. Through a variety of awards, the association honors outstanding alumni, students, or other individuals who provide exceptional service to the institution or state of Idaho. Scholarships are given by the association to help both entering and continuing students at the university.

Alumni can maintain close ties with the university through Alumni Association services, such as travel tours and campus, national, and worldwide gatherings for special UI occasions, including reunions and Silver and Gold Events. The association also provides and organizes support for the university through active organizations, such as the Student Alumni Relations Board and the UI Retirees Association.

Areas of recent emphasis for the association include recruiting and informing prospective students about the university and increasing volunteer support through the development of alumni chapters and constituency groups. The association is also strengthening and expanding its membership services, through use of Internet and lifetime e-mail service.

Career Services

Idaho Commons 334; (208) 885-6121; 

The university is committed to providing students with a comprehensive set of career exploration and professional development services, including assistance in identifying career and major interests, developing skills and experience through academically-relevant work and experiential learning opportunities, preparing professional job/intern application materials, educating students on job search strategies, and preparing students for interviews. In addition to serving UI students and alumni, Career Services also provides assistance to academic departments and employers.  Career Services provides University of Idaho students and alumni with services and resources that empower them as they make critical life decisions and pursue career success. We enhance classroom learning by facilitating career exploration, experiential learning opportunities, and access to future employers.

Career Decision-Making and Professional Development Services are available to UI students and alumni of all majors. In today’s job market, well-educated job candidates with relevant work experience are highly desired. Career Advising Liaisons help students prepare for employment by providing career education through workshops, career classes, group presentations, and individual advising sessions. The Career Services office serves students at all stages of career development, from making decisions on their major and career interests, to identifying and participating in experiential learning opportunities (internships, jobs, research experiences, and service-learning courses), to applying for professional careers upon graduation. A strong emphasis is placed upon the value of experiential learning. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities to apply classroom theory in a real-life setting, clarify their educational and career goals, gain practical skills and experiences, and learn more about themselves, their community, and their future professions.

In addition to career guidance provided by Career Advising Liaisons, Career Services also sponsors numerous professional events that connect students with potential employers. Some of these events include on-campus interviews, career fairs, etiquette dinners, and networking nights. These events connect students with hundreds of employers seeking candidates for their full-time, internship, and summer employment opportunities, as well as graduate and professional schools opportunities. 

Career Services also promotes civic engagement and hands-on learning through the Service Learning Center. By training faculty on the service-learning pedagogy and providing support for service-learning projects, a growing number of students experience a much deeper level of learning through participation in service projects within their courses.