Athletic Training (M.S.A.T.)

Master of Science in Athletic Training. Major in Athletic Training.

The M.S.A.T. is an entry level program designed to prepare students to become a certified athletic trainer. After successful completion of this program students will be eligible for the athletic training national Board of Certification Exam.

M.S.A.T. Admission Requirements.

Students are eligible to apply for admission to the MSAT program via two distinct routes:

Students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree (3.0 or >3.0) and the required prerequisite coursework (4 credit hours of human anatomy or equivalent & 4 credit hours of human physiology or equivalent) are eligible for consideration of admission to the MSAT.


Students who are enrolled in an academic institution with whom the University of Idaho and the MSAT have a 3+2 transitional program articulation1 agreement may apply to the MSAT during their junior year of study for entrance in early summer with Tentative Admittance2. Students must be approved for application to the 3+2 program from their specified undergraduate program director (and have met the criteria within the articulation agreement) before they apply to the MSAT.3

The M.S.A.T. in Athletic Training requires the following courses:

AT 506Clinical Anatomy I3
AT 507Care and Prevention of Injuries and Illnesses3
AT 508Evaluation and Diagnosis of Injuries and Illnesses I4
AT 509Principles of Rehabilitation3
AT 510Therapeutic Modalities2
AT 511Ethics and Administration in Athletic Training3
AT 512Research Methods & Statistics I3
AT 513General Medicine for Athletic Trainers3
AT 514Psychology of Injury and Referral3
AT 520Clinical Education I2
AT 521Clinical Experience I4
AT 522Clinical Education II2
AT 523Clinical Experience II4
AT 531Clinical Anatomy II3
AT 532Evaluation and Diagnosis of Injuries and Illnesses II4
AT 533Applied Rehabilitation Techniques3
AT 534Therapeutic Modalities II2
AT 535Seminar in Athletic Training1
AT 536Research Methods & Statistics II3
AT 540Pharmacology for Athletic Trainers3
AT 541Seminar in Athletic Training II2
AT 542Scientific Inquiry and Research Presentation3
AT 543Neuroscience for Athletic Trainers3
AT 547Critical Issues in Athletic Training Clinical Practice3
AT 550Clinical Education III2
AT 551Clinical Experience III4
AT 552Clinical Education IV2
AT 553Clinical Experience IV4
AT 587Prevention and Health Promotion in Athletic Training3
Total Hours84

The department also participates in the interdisciplinary M.S. and Ph.D. in Neuroscience and the M.S. in Bioregional Planning and Community Development. Persons interested in doctoral study should visit the College of Education and departmental web page for more information about admission requirements and application procedures.