Statistical Science (M.S.)

Master of Science. Major in Statistical Science.

Students seeking admission to the MS program in Statistical Science should have completed at least two semesters in college calculus comparable to MATH 170 and MATH 175, and two classes in applied statistics including STAT 431 or a comparable course. Familiarity with programming is expected, and familiarity with numerical or statistical computing environments is desirable. Students are not required to have an undergraduate degree in statistics.

Candidates must fulfill the requirements of the College of Graduate Studies and of the Department of Statistical Science. See the College of Graduate Studies section for the applicable general requirements for M.S. degree.

An individual graduate program is tailored for the student, but all students must complete a basic core requirement of 24 credits and either

  1. thesis (STAT 5001),
  2. an internship report (STAT 598), or
  3. a consulting option or course (6 credits of STAT 597). Credits from STAT 431 will not count toward the degree.
Core Requirements
STAT 422Sample Survey Methods3
STAT 451Probability Theory3
STAT 452Mathematical Statistics3
STAT 501Seminar1
STAT 507Experimental Design3
STAT 519Multivariate Analysis3
STAT 550Regression3
STAT 565Computer Intensive Statistics3
STAT 597Consulting Practicum2
Total Hours24