Mathematics (M.S.)

Master of Science. Major in Mathematics.

An undergraduate major in mathematics or its equivalent is a prerequisite. There is both a thesis and a non-thesis option. Both options have the same credit requirements. Of the minimum of 30 credits required for this degree, at least 18 credits must be in mathematics at the 500 level (excluding MATH 500, MATH 599,seminars, and directed study); the remaining 12 credits may include 400 and 500 level courses in mathematics, and 300 or 400 level courses in supporting areas. Mathematics Education (MTHE) credits may not be counted. For the non-thesis option a three-hour comprehensive written examination covering 6 mathematics courses chosen by the student (with at least 5 at the 500 level) is required. For the thesis option, the student writes a thesis (which may be expository in nature) under the guidance of a thesis committee. A final examination in the form of an oral defense of the thesis is required.