Mathematics (M.A.T.)

Master of Arts in Teaching. Major in Mathematics.

General M.A.T. requirements apply. Under advisement of the major professor and committee, a broadly based study plan is designed taking into consideration the candidate's interests and teaching needs. The plan should include mathematics courses from several pure mathematics areas, for example, algebra, topology, analysis, geometry, and number theory. A three-hour written examination is given over the courses in the study plan. Students entering the M.A.T. program will be considered deficient if they have not completed a standard sequence in calculus (equivalent to MATH 170-MATH 175-MATH 275).

The M.A.T. degree in mathematics may also be obtained via distance learning. This distance learning program is designed to meet the needs of in-service teachers. The requirements outlined above apply, but here the study plan is designed using courses that are available by video or in summer programs on-campus or at off-campus sites.