Justice Studies Minor

SOC 130Introduction to Criminology3
SOC 328Deviant Behavior3
or SOC 330 Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 332Sociology of Punishment3
or SOC 334 Police and Social Control
Select one of the following:3
Native American Law
The Judicial Process
Philosophy of Law
Constitutional Law
Civil Liberties
Sociology of Law
Select at least three courses from the following to total at least 21 credits:9
Law, Ethics and the Environment
Forensic Anthropology
Abnormal Psychology
Introduction to Diversity and Stratification
Family, Violence, and Society
Sociology of the Family
Elite and White Collar Crime
Terrorism, Society and Justice
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
Violence and Society
Regulation of Vice
Crime and the Media
Responding to Risk
Special Topics
Citizen’s Police Academy
Gender and Crime
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Psychopathy and Crime
Mental Health and Crime
Inequalities in the Justice System
Criminology Abroad
Substance Use and Society
Wildlife Law Enforcement
Total Hours21

Courses to total 21 credits for this minor