Interior Design (B.I.D.)

The Interior Design program is a four-year professional program that leads to a Bachelor of Interior Design. Our mission is to serve as Idaho's only public, accredited, professional interior design program by providing a strong interdisciplinary design experience through a curriculum accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA), allied research, and outreach opportunities. We prepare our graduates to serve society through their professional and community work.

Due to the unique configuration and relationship between Architecture and Interior Design, students in the interior design program graduate with a major in interior design and a minor in architecture. Students can also minor in other disciplines of their choice. Students have the option of completing seamless degrees in interior design and architecture over the period of seven years, thus graduating with a B.I.D. in interior design and an M.Arch. in architecture. Students must hold a minimum GPA of 2.50. A portfolio and transcript review will be conducted in the spring of the sophomore year. The portfolio, of no more than 10 pages, should be submitted in an 11" x 17" format. Results of the evaluation are made known to applicants in July.

Program(s) permission is required for admittance into Architecture and Interior Design studio courses:

ARCH 253Architectural Design I4
ARCH 254Architectural Design II4
ID 152Interior Design I3
ID 254Architectural Design II4
ID 351Interior Design III6
ID 352Interior Design IV6
ID 451Interior Design V6
ID 452Interior Design VI6

and students must achieve a minimum grade of C in the previous Interior Design studio course to enroll in the next sequential studio course.

Required course work includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3) and:

ARCH 385Global History of Architecture3
or ARCH 386 Global History of Architecture II
ARCH 151Introduction to the Built Environment3
ARCH 154Introduction to Architectural Graphics3
ARCH 243Media in Architecture3
ARCH 253Architectural Design I4
ARCH 266Materials and Methods3
ARCH 463Environmental Control Systems I3
ARCH 463LEnvironmental Control System I Lab1
ARCH 464Environmental Control Systems II3
ARCH 464LEnvironmental Control System II Lab1
ARCH 475Professional Practice3
ART 100World Art and Culture3
ART 110Integrated Art and Design Communication2
ART 112Drawing as Integrated Design Thinking2
ART 121Integrated Design Process2
COMM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
ID 151Introduction to Interior Design3
ID 152Interior Design I3
ID 254Architectural Design II4
ID 281History of the Interior I3
ID 282History of the Interior II3
ID 332Furniture Design and Construction4
ID 344Digital Design Tools for Interior Design2
ID 351Interior Design III6
ID 352Interior Design IV6
ID 368Materials and Specifications3
ID 404Special Topics2
ID 410Capstone Proposal Development2
ID 443Universal Design3
ID 451Interior Design V6
ID 452Interior Design VI6
Total Hours97

Courses to total 126 credits for this degree