Architecture (M.Arch.)

Master of Architecture. Major in Architecture

Candidates must fulfill the requirements of the College of Graduate Studies and the Architecture program. Twenty-four of the 45 credits required for this degree must be at the 500 level, including the following courses: ARCH 510 (2 cr), ARCH 553  (6 cr), ARCH 554 (6 cr), and ARCH 556 (6 cr).  The remaining courses required to complete credits for this degree may be 400- or 500-level architecture courses or 300- or 400-level courses in supporting areas.

Required courses include:

ARCH 510Graduate Project Seminar3
ARCH 553Integrated Architectural Design6
ARCH 554Architectural Design: Vertical Studio6
ARCH 556Graduate Project6
ARCH 568Technical Integration in Design3
ARCH 575Professional Practice3
Select Graduate Architecture Electives from the following:6
Directed Study
Special Topics
Native American Architecture
Identity and Place in Global Space
Architectural Research Methods
China Program Preparation Seminar
China's Urbanization Seminar
Cultural & Ethical Issues in Global Architectural Practice
Alternate Graduate Design Experience
Natural Lighting
Building Performance Evaluation
Integrated Design Seminar
Daylight Design and Simulation
Building Performance Simulation for Integrated Design
British Green Architecture
Urban Design Seminar
Non-thesis Master's Research
Total Hours33
Equivalents must be approved by the graduate program coordinator. Graduate students without an undergraduate architecture degree may also earn an accredited M.Arch. degree. Those students are placed in the program according to their academic qualifications, and depending on the background of the applicant, up to six years of study may be required to complete the degree requirements. Candidates must fulfill the requirements of the College of Graduate Studies and the Architecture program. Master of Architecture degree requirements are listed above.