Food and Nutrition (B.S.F.C.S.)

Family and Consumer Sciences Undergraduate Curricular Requirements

Required course work includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3) and one of the following options.

This major prepares students for careers with government agencies, commodity groups, health and fitness agencies and businesses, and some components of the food industry. In addition, the course work provides excellent background for those wishing to pursue advanced degrees in medicine or nutrition or dietetics. Students wishing to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will be prepared to apply to an accredited master’s program in nutrition and dietetics..

ACCT 201Introduction to Financial Accounting3
BIOL 120Human Anatomy4
BIOL 121Human Physiology4
BIOL 300Survey of Biochemistry3
FCS 205Concepts in Human Nutrition3
FCS 270Scientific Principles of Food Preparation3
FCS 275Experimental Foods2
FCS 361Advanced Nutrition3
FCS 362Introduction to Clinical Dietetics3
FCS 384Quantity Food Production and Equipment3
FCS 385Quantity Food Production and Equipment Lab2
FCS 387Food Systems Management3
FCS 389Intro Clinical Nutrition Lab1
FCS 411Global Nutrition3
FCS 463Helping Skills in Dietetics2
FCS 473Community Nutrition3
FCS 486Nutrition in the Life Cycle3
FCS 492Nutrition Education in the Life Cycle3
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology3
STAT 251Statistical Methods3
CHEM 101Introduction to Chemistry3
or CHEM 111 Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM 101LIntroduction to Chemistry Laboratory1
or CHEM 111L Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 275Carbon Compounds3
or CHEM 277 Organic Chemistry I
FCS 105Individual and Family Development3
or PSYC 305 Developmental Psychology
MATH 143Pre-calculus Algebra and Analytic Geometry3-4
or MATH 170 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
Select one of the following:4-5
Introductory Microbiology
and Introductory Microbiology Laboratory
General Microbiology
and General Microbiology Lab
Select 8 credits of FCS electives8
Total Hours85-87

Courses to total 120 credits for this degree